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How to choose the right shoe for your child!

For infants, shoes have only 1 function. They must protect! Little feet are very sensitive and have more cartilage. Babies shoes should be unstructured & soft including the sole. When the baby begins to crawl the shoe still needs to be soft and light. It is preferable the shoe fully wraps the foot to protect it as they move across the floor. As they take their first steps, the strengthening of the feet muscles and the sole arch begins. At this point it is imperative to choose shoes with anatomical insoles to promote the correct growth and give greater stability when walking. Children over 4 years old are very active so their footwear need to be breathable, to prevent perspiration, supportive with an anatomical insole and a non-slip sole is recommended.


What is the difference between orthopaedic and anatomical footwear?

Orthopaedic shoes are recommended by Orthopaedic specialists when a correction or reduction of localised foot pain is required. They are custom made and to be used with specialist advice. Anatomical footwear is recommended to strengthen the structure of the feet and assist in the formation of the sole arch, allowing for natural development. Here at Little Angels Kids Boutique you will find anatomical children's footwear for all stages of the child and providing healthy walking for the little ones. We have a complete collection of children's sneakers, children's shoes, children's sandals and more. Footwear from a well known brand in Brazil called Klin.


The Importance of Choosing The Right Shoe for Good Foot Health

Making the right choice of shoe is so important to children's foot health! You have to look beyond style and price and ensure the shoe is comfortable and offers support and stability. It is essential to have a good fit to let their little feet for the develop naturally preventing future pain and disease. From birth and during infancy, a child needs to wear shoes that provide the natural movement of the feet as if they were barefoot. This is achieved by using the right materials and a well-designed shoe structure. Klin shoes are tested in a technical laboratory and undergo different analyses to ensure that each pair of shoes promotes healthy walking for children. 

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